Available Trainings and Consultancies:

  • Academy Coach Training
  • Academy Counselor Training
  • Academy Identity
  • Administrator/Leader Training
  • Career Academy 101
  • Career Exploration Fair 101
  • Distributive Leadership in the Academy Model
  • Experiential Learning for Teachers
  • Externship Training
  • Academy 2.0 Development
  • Freshman Seminar Consultation
  • Interdisciplinary Team Leader Training
  • Interdisciplinary Teaming for Academies (ITA)
  • Master Scheduling for High School/Middle School and Academies
  • Master Scheduling for Pathways/Academies
  • Project Based Learning for Academies, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools
  • Project Based Learning Splash
  • Progress Monitoring for Fidelity of Academy Implementation
  • Progress Monitoring for Interdisciplinary Teaming for Academies (ITA)
  • Teaching on the Block
  • Team Leader Training
  • Use of Data in the Academy Model
Please explore our most popular professional development and trainings below:
  • -Academy Coach Training

  • -Academy Identity

  • -Academy Teaming

  • -Administrator/Leadership Training

  • -Experiential Learning for Teachers

  • -Freshman Academy Development / Visioning

  • -Master Scheduling for Pathways/Academies

  • -Project Based Learning

  • -Teaching On The Block

  • -Team Leader Training

Project Based Learning

The Nashville Next Generation Learning Hub offers training to help teachers learn to design transformational instruction units. Through this approach students will demonstrate mastery by applying the content standards to create authentic products. The training is designed to mirror the experience of a project. The training will specifically discuss how to unite academy teachers—both CTE and general education instructors together to collaborate to create meaningful interdisciplinary projects.

Through an inquiry-based approach, participants will be challenged to design a unit, while being attentive to different phases of implementation including management and assessment. At the end of the two or three day session, participants will share their final product, receive feedback, and make improvements before taking it to their classrooms. When appropriate, districts can work with local business partners to engage them in the project planning and implementation.

The session is designed to offer schools flexibility of their resources. The outcome will be the same for both options—participants will develop a project that can be used with their students.

The following options are available:

A two-day face-to-face session with a third day of project feedback that can be completed virtually or face-to-face.

A three-day face-to-face session that will allow for more participant work time before presenting their project to a public audience.

Session Outcomes:

At the completion of the Transforming Classroom Instruction through PBL, participants will have a better understanding of:

  • -The difference between a PBL experience and simply “doing projects.”
  • -The components of PBL and HOW to make sure you are doing authentic projects that focus on content standards.
  • -The need to provide students with alternative ways to show mastery of content standards.
  • -How to manage a project in the classroom without having chaos.
  • -How to assess a project using multiple sources.
  • -How to use PBL resources to create PBL unit plans.