Freshman Seminar is a transition course for ninth graders to prepare them for success in high school, post-secondary education and careers. Students focus on learning more about themselves and their interests and aptitude as well as learning study skills, life skills, employability/professional skills, and career knowledge.

A portion of the course is customized around the career pathways students will be choosing in their high school or tech center after ninth grade. This course allows students to explore, gain understanding about the career itself as well as the courses in the pathway that lead to those careers through a blended learning experience.

Freshman Seminar allows students dedicated time to focus on their future, understand what it takes to be successful in high school, post-secondary and careers. They make educated choices about their pathways based on research and experiences, and they begin to understand why some of the content courses are important for their success.

Freshman Seminar Benefits: * Includes 6 college and career readiness lessons *Lessons align to college and career readiness rubric. Also included: * 80 career pathways included in package, additional pathways upon request * Career pathways include top career choices, required education and potential salaries *Blended course optimized for classroom and/or virtual delivery.

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