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Upcoming Events:

  • Academies of Nashville Study Visit: March 4-6, 2019

    The Nashville Hub hosts the Academies of Nashville Study Visits, to share how Nashville has transformed its high schools into personalized learning communities that offer rigor, relevance, relationships, and readiness for all students.

Our Most Popular Trainings:

Interdisciplinary Teaming for Academies

During this engaging 3-day training—which employs effective instructional strategies to deliver content and develop teaming skills—teams create identity and purpose through production of several deliverables. In the first day, teams create a vision for their ideal team and student graduate that culminates in the posting of team norms and Academy mission statement. On the second day of training, teacher teams will develop Academy and team SMART Goals and create a plan for an Academy-specific event. On the third day, teacher teams lay the foundation for integrating interdisciplinary skills and themed content into daily classroom instruction. The training culminates with each team conducting a mock team meeting.

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Team Leader Training

This training will give teacher leaders tools for leading their teams through inevitable reactions to change. Team Leaders will develop an understanding of the stages of teaming and strategies for building a culture that values continuous improvement. They will learn how to the distribute leadership, in order to empower members and develop a sense of ownership. They will learn about the Team Planning Template and its relationship to the National Standards of Practice. In addition, they will learn to set goals, prioritize them, document progress toward achieving them, and assess their outcomes. They will develop leadership strategies and facilitation skills that will make them effective leaders in their teams.

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Project Based Learning

This training teaches how to design transformational instruction units. Through this approach students will demonstrate mastery by applying the content standards to create authentic products. The two or three day training is designed to mirror the experience of a project. The training will specifically discuss how to unite academy teachers—both CTE and general education instructors together to collaborate to create meaningful interdisciplinary projects.

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